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Graphic Designer

Recruiting numbers: 1 Release time: March 25, 2021

Major: art, design, fine arts Experience: 2 years

Education background: college degree or above

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1. Responsible for the planning and publicity of brand image, offline activities and other related work;

2. Responsible for the launching page and related posters of online e-commerce activities

3. Cooperate with the company's marketing and promotion activities, make promotional pictures and advertising posters and other graphic design work

4. Assist operators to maintain and modify the posters effectively to ensure the accuracy of operation activities

5. Cooperate with the team to complete other related work.


1. Have a certain understanding of all kinds of e-commerce design, and the ability to independently complete the basic work;

2. Understand illustration, have excellent art skills and aesthetic ability, have active mind and creative performance ability;

3. Experience in cosmetic, skin care and product category is a plus;

4. Have e-commerce vision and design experience, and have the awareness of planning and brand promotion, and good expression ability;

5. Have good communication skills and teamwork spirit, and strong sense of responsibility and dedication;

6. Proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator and other painting software; C4d is a plus; good at color matching, layout, font design, digital retouching and other related work.

Foreign Trade Specialist

Recruiting numbers: 1 Release time: March 6, 2020

Major: unlimited Experience: 2 years

Education background: college degree or above

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1. Assist domestic and international order processing, order confirmation, instruction transmission, and tracking, etc;

2. Responsible for collecting product offer information, coordination and connection;

3. Responsible for the documents check in business process, sorting and contract signing, and regularly updating of business accounts;

4. Complete other tasks assigned by the superior.


1. Have good communication and coordination skills, understand the work process of business merchandiser;

2. Be responsible and careful, and have good personality and the ability to work under pressure;

3. Good command of English.

More than one-year experience in frozen food industry is a plus

Legal Officer

recruiting numbers: 1 Release time: March 25, 2021

Major: law Experience: 1 year

Education background: bachelor degree or above

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1. Have a bachelor degree or above in law from a well-known University (key university); the National Judicial Examination Certificate is a plus;

2. Strong analytical and logical judgment ability, public relations ability of external affairs, and the ability to work under pressure;

3. Love learning, be curious about new things, willing to study, and able to make reflection and summary.


1. Assist in drafting and revising legal documents and contracts, and handle legal cases and litigation disputes;

2. Sort out and optimize the relevant laws and regulations and industrial policies and laws;

3. Assist in business negotiation and decision-making;

4. Provide daily legal consultation for all departments of the company;

5. Complete other tasks assigned by the superior.

Taobao Customer Service (online customer service, e-commerce customer service)

Recruiting numbers: 1Release time: March 25, 2021

Major: unlimited Experience: 1 year

Education background: technical secondary school

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1. Responsible for online customer reception on Taobao, self-owned app, answering customer inquiries, and patiently guiding customers to complete shopping.

2. Store product learning, marketing & recommendation, and customer FAQs

3. Provide customers with appropriate solutions to products, logistics and other after-sales services of various platforms, so that customers can have a good shopping experience

4. Review, deliver and push the daily orders of each platform, and handle the questionable orders in time.

5. Take the initiative to contact customers to solve problems for any order processing requirement.

6. Follow up and handle the customer problems from the offline store guide staff feedback to the customer service department in a timely manner, and give a feedback on relevant results.


1. Know the general e-commerce platform rules and shopping process, and have at least half a year of e-commerce customer service experience (excellent fresh graduates are also allowed)

2. Willing to learn, take the initiative to know products, and able to effectively analyze the product selling point, and complete customer consultation.

3. Serious and responsible for work, positive, patient and enthusiastic, able to deal with all kinds of problems calmly and patiently

4. Good pressure coping and hard-working.


1. Working hours (single-day weekend and two-day weekend): 9:00-18:00, Saturday: 9:30-16:30 (this position needs shift)

2. Salary: 4-6k

3. Salary adjustment at least once a year

Shop Display Designer

Recruiting numbers: 1 Release time: March 25, 2021

Major: clothing and fashion design Experience: 5-7 years experience

Education background: college degree or above

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1. Responsible for providing routine display design scheme of terminal store, operation execution standard and inspection, feedback and improvement;

2. Coordinate and supervise the implementation of display schemes for shop opening, festivals and promotional activities;

3. Responsible for regular inspection on and planning for CIS system and circulation of the store, improving and driving the consistency of customers browsing and purchasing goods in the store;

4. Willing to understand how to maximize sales opportunities and work closely with operation and purchasing teams to minimize the loss of inventory, display items, etc;

5. Always pay attention to the shopping environment and brand image of the store, track and maintain the effect of product display and light box display, and collect feedback;

6. Follow up the props, light box image and lighting effect in the store to ensure the standardization and unification of store display;

7. Issue visual guidance and arrange training for store managers and shopping guides to know how to maintain store image. Carry out new product and themed display training to make them quickly understand the promotion theme of the season.


1. College degree or above in interior furnishing art design, decoration design, interior design, art design, fashion design in art college, etc;

2. At least 5 years of working experience in presentation of cosmetics, footwear, accessories and other entry luxury industry;

3. Proficient in color and matching, rich imagination and innovation ability; flexible use of AutoCAD, 3dmax & VR and PS software such as photo shop / CAD;

4. Have certain interior furnishings selection and design ability and practical execution ability; be able to design display scheme and have props development experience; familiar with props materials, and experienced in dealing with props suppliers;

5. Have a sense of responsibility, team spirit, and good communication skills.

6. Be optimistic and positive attitude towards life, have love for life, passion for design, and zeal for sharing.

E-commerce Operation Specialist (E-commerce Specialist)

Recruiting numbers: 1 Release time: March 25, 2021

Major: unlimited Experience: 2 years

Education background: college degree or above

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1. Be responsible for the operation, planning and organization of product e-commerce platform, and be able to coordinate and control implementation progress;

2. Plan the special page of the product launching, cooperate with the design department to grasp and improve the selling points of the product, form the picture scheme, optimize and improve the user experience; improve the traffic, click through rate, conversion rate and other operational indicators;

3. Plan, organize and implement operation activities and special activities, propose improvement plans for product selection, pricing and page, and make relevant data analysis to promote sales performance and brand promotion;

4. Regularly submit schedule sales report, product data analysis, etc., and optimize inventory and product line;

5. Understand and study the platform rules and marketing tools, strive to obtain different resources, and achieve the team goals.


1. College degree or above, and at least 2 years of working experience in e-commerce;

2. Be familiar with B2B / B2C e-commerce market and platform mode, and master operation promotion skills;

3. Have strong coordination and communication skills, be able to coordinate internal and external team cooperation, grasp and promote the progress of each node of the work;

4. High executive ability, high sense of responsibility and active attitude, independent thinking, good writing and planning ability;

5. Be able to bear and break through work pressure, manage time well, and pay attention to personal growth and improvement.