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2020 12-19
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Lhasa comprehensive free trade zone signs contracts with 8 key enterprises for investment promotion

in the morning of October 20, the signing of key investment attraction projects sand key project kickoff ceremony of Lhasa Comprehensive Bonded Zone was held in Lhasa Economic Development Zone.

in the morning of October 20, the signing of key investment attraction projects sand key project kickoff ceremony of Lhasa Comprehensive Bonded Zone was held in Lhasa Economic Development Zone. Lhasa Comprehensive Bonded Zone and Tibet Chaoyong Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd., and other eight key enterprises have signed contracts to attract investment, with an expected total investment up to 771 million yuan, which will create more than 1,000 jobs and help further build a new pattern of all-round opening up and development in Tibet.

Promote trade through South Asia Passage

Give priority to the export of self-produced products of Tibet


The special area under customs control in Lhasa Comprehensive Bonded Zone covers an area of 0.84 square kilometers and is located in Zone C of Lhasa Economic Development Zone, close to the Lhasa Freight Hub of Qinghai-Tibet Railway, with the urban express passage connecting Qinghai-Tibet Highway and Sichuan-Tibet Highway passing through. It is 40 kilometers away from Gongga International Airport in Lhasa, with outstanding geographical advantages and obvious transportation advantages.

Lhasa Economic Development Zone has initially decided to focus on the development of self-produced products of Tibet, promotion of trade through South Asia Passage, and strengthening of industrial development idea of bonded processing trade, and carry out industrial construction in a practical, refined and profound way based on four industrial construction requirements to be fulfilled - "entered industry, supporting industry, logistics, labor resources", in full combination with Tibet location advantage, industry characteristics and the actual development of foreign trade and economic cooperation.

Its establishment will further promote China's economic and commercial exchanges and cultural exchanges with southeast Asian countries, broaden the development space of plateau special advantage industries, cultivate new momentum of economic development, promote the development of Lhasa to become an important gateway and trade node open to South Asia, and further build the new pattern of all-round open development in Tibet. The reporter learned at the signing ceremony that according to the relevant work arrangements, the Lhasa Comprehensive Bonded Zone will strive to build up the above special area and put into operation as scheduled in April 2021.

Sign contracts on a number of projects


Include 9 categories of industries such as cross-border e-commerce

Through continuous investment attraction, up to now, Lhasa Comprehensive Bonded Zone has had 40 key projects, including 7 bonded processing projects, 28 bonded logistics projects, 3 bonded service projects and 2 supporting projects.


The eight projects contracted in a centralized way and 5 projects started cover nine sectors, such as the hairwork feed processing, agricultural machinery and assembly exports, production and export of ethnic handicrafts, and cross-border e-commerce, with an expected total investment of 771 million yuan; after all projects are completed and put into operation, the annual import and export value is expected to up to 1.095 billion yuan, with tax revenue of 150 million yuan, and more than 1,000 jobs. The centralized signing and commencement of these projects will more powerfully drive the construction of special area and operation of the Lhasa Comprehensive Bonded Zone on schedule, and its high-quality development, and provide stronger support and accumulate stronger momentum for it.

In the next step, Lhasa Economic Development Zone will take the initiative to build a new engine of export-oriented economy. By giving full play to the advantages of "domestic and international markets and resources", focusing on the tasks of "six stability" and "six guarantees", it will continue to increase investment, improve industrial quality, unswervingly build the comprehensive bonded zone with plateau characteristics, and lead the export-oriented economic development of the whole zone.

Rely on regional policy advantages


Support the better development of local cross-border e-commerce enterprises

In 2018, China's cross-border e-commerce transactions reached 9 trillion yuan, with 88 million of overseas online shopping users. As a new trade development mode actively promoted in China, cross-border e-commerce is one of the important measures to cultivate new advantages in foreign trade competition. After years of theoretical study, combined with the pilot experience, currently a set of policy systems have been initially established adapted to the development of cross-border e-commerce, and new regulation policies with clear definition and to be steadily implemented for a long period have also been developed and issued at the end of 2018, which will actively promote and standardize the healthy, sustainable and steady development of the cross-border e-commerce industry.

The approved Lhasa Comprehensive Bonded Zone will, relying on its policy advantages and regional advantages of border trade in Tibet, introduce well-known cross-border e-commerce enterprises or support the better development of new local cross-border e-commerce enterprises. "We will seize the current development opportunities, give full play to the leading role of YNGou in Lhasa's cross-border e-commerce ecological chain, strengthen cooperation and common development with more and more excellent enterprises in the zone, and promote cross-border e-commerce industry to become a new highlight of Lhasa's economic growth. For consumers, cross-border e-commerce makes it very easy for them to access information resources in other countries and buy good goods at low prices." Ding Lili said, the President Assistant of YNGou (Beijing) E-commerce Co., Ltd.



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