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2021 04-07
Company news

Manhagou cross border e-commerce Industrial Park was officially opened to build a 100 billion level cross border trade professional platform

Manhagou cross border e-commerce Industrial Park was officially opened to build a 100 billion level cross border trade professional platform

In the afternoon on April 7, 2021, ManhagouCross-border E-commerce Industrial Park, a joint venture established by YNGou (Beijing) E-commerce Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Manha Commercial Co., Ltd. was officially opened for business, attended by Dr.Fang Xiangdong, the President of YNGou and Chairman of Manhagou (Shenzhen) Cross-border E-commerce Co., Ltd. and Ma Shihua, the President of Manha Group.

Dr.Fang spoke to reporters that after the opening ceremony of the Industrial Park, Manhagou cross-border e-commerce platform has attracted more than 200 sign-ups including beauty makeup, food and health vendors, adding that the third floor of the Industrial Park would be dedicated to Hong Kong, Japanese and South Korean merchandise zones with a total of 400 shops (including more than 100 stores in Hong Kong zone), including  Hong Kong and overseas brands, such as Royal Hui, Tian Di He Tang Limited, Angong Niuhuang Wan and Biofit International Limited etc. He predicted that thousands of merchants from Huaqiang North registered on the platform would make transactions around 40 million yuan per day, with annual sales of nearly 15 billion yuan. To this end, the Cross-border E-commerce Supervision Center in the Futian Bonded Zone was upgraded and put into use at the end of April, with the daily order volume skyrocketing from 3,000 to 1 million per day.


Manhagou Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park (the “Park”) is ideally located at the junction of Zhenxing Road and Huaqiang North Road in Huaqiangbei Commercial Area. The Park accommodates thousands of business outlets in the total planning area of 20,000 square meters. These outlets are well furnished and equipped with necessary supporting facilities, providing a solid basis for the rapid construction of the entire park. Adapting to the traditional business model unique to Huaqiangbei, the Park presents a customized and fully-closed-loop cross-border e-commerce SaaS platform for every merchant in the Park. Its highly personalized online operating systems allow for a seamless transformation of traditional merchants to online merchants.  


 According to Dr.Fang, the annual tariff exemption for cross-border e-commerce is 26,000 yuan per person, with 70% VAT and consumption tax charged, making the product price much lower than that of imported goods from conventional trade. To shorten the customs clearance time for cross-border e-commerce enterprises, complete customs clearance procedures within 15 seconds. And reduce logistics costs for e-commerce products, the Park will focus on the legal and institutional operation of cross-border businesses, creating a transparent and convenient cross-border channel.

Manhagou is located in Huaqiang North, Shenzhen where commodities are collected and distributed all over the country, and acts as a wholesale center with a large volume of traffic. As a traditional wholesale site, it is upgrading its industry via new retail mode of cross-border e-commerce in line with national policies. Now it has introduced many well-known brands from Hong Kong and South Korea, and upgraded the business model through new retail e-commerce to stimulate consumption, so that the annual output will be further increased.Simultaneously, it is beneficial to the local population and businesses, and thus has been rated as "Shenzhen Consumption Demonstration Project".

 Tan Yaoquan, the President and Chairman of Hong Kong Federation of Commerce for Small and Medium Enterprises said during an interview with a reporter,because of the pandemic outbreak, a large number of mainland consumers cannot shop in Hong Kong. Manhagou provides a sale channel for Hong Kong businesses to access the huge mainland market, and can satisfy the massive demand of consumption in the mainland. It seizes this good development opportunity; so I believe that more Hong Kong enterprises will settle in the Park in the future.

 Mr. Lai, who just settled in the Manhagou Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park, said that they sell Korean cosmetics and Japanese cosmetics, etc., and now their business is legal through cross-border e-commerce, which provides a better guarantee for customers' shopping.

As the first large-scale cross-border e-commerce industrial park in Huaqiang North, "Manhagou" not only bears the high expectations of the district government and many merchants in Huaqiang North who are committed to cross-border trade, but also shoulders the heavy burden of strengthening the regional economic development. In order to adapt to the requirements of the government policy at present, Manhagou will, keeping up with the government on development of large-scale cross-border e-commerce industrial park in Huaqiang North, will be committed to the development of cross-border e-commerce trade, and give top priority to the requirements in line with the government policies during such development. It will also help cross-border businesses to legalize their supply channels, expand sales channels and provide new retail cross-border solutions to fully closed-loop services and break into the global business value chain, 



YNGou will cooperate with IMPINJ to establish a cloud verification platform to escort the brand