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2019 10-10
Company news

YNGou will cooperate with IMPINJ to establish a cloud verification platform to escort the brand

YNGou will cooperate with IMPINJ to establish a cloud verification platform to escort the brand

On October 11, 2019, IMPINJ reached official cooperation with China's leading cross-border e-commerce company YNGou E-commerce Co., Ltd. (yngou.com) at the System Solutions Partner Summit held in Shanghai. YNGou will provide real-time tracking for each link of the commodity circulation on its platform via the innovative anti-counterfeiting traceability technology offered by IMPINJ, to ensure the genuineness of goods, so as to further enhance consumer confidence, and maintain the brand value.

Direct purchase of brand products is a unique business model of YNGou. Ms. Wang Ying, the Founder and President of YNGou, said, "our goal is to enable international brands to explore the Chinese market without any concerns, and simultaneously provide Chinese consumers with high-quality and affordable genuine products. Our cooperation with IMPINJ is a big step forward in realizing that goal."

YNGou's goal is to tag every product it sells with IMPINJ’s RAIN RFID, a high-performance chip that is so reliable that the information on the tag can be easily read, no matter the distance. By using the IMPINJ's RFID reader and gateway, YNGou will be able to track every item in real-time at every part of the supply chain process, then verify and track these products through the cloud verification app,which is a breakthrough in the application of innovative technology in cross-border e-commerce in the Chinese market.


Jeff Dossett, the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing of IMPINJ, said: "we are very proud to work with YNGou to provide effective solutions for brands seeking protection in China. In an increasingly competitive global retail marketplace, brands have increasingly needs for a simpler and more effective way to ensure the genuineness of products."

The innovative technology of anti-counterfeiting traceability aims to protect the brand and consumers from fake products, effectively combat against the counterfeiting of goods, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and maintain the value of the brand.

"The partnership between YNGou and IMPINJ will be a historic alliance in China's cross-border e-commerce industry., said by Fang Xiangdong, the General Manager of YNGou, "we have been committed to maintaining the image of our brand in the Chinese market, offering diversified choices to Chinese consumers with the best quality products, and we believe that only when we maintain our brand consistency, follow relevant standards, can we offer their products in the Chinese market and develop our platform."